Our Design Ethos

At NIVASA, we don’t make furniture.
We create art for your living space.

Every piece we design is shaped to complement the space it belongs to. If it is designed for your home, chances are you will never see anything like it elsewhere.

For us at NIVASA, furniture is not merely objects. Our design ethos dictates that everything that is part of the look must belong to it intrinsically, it must be visualised in the context of the space it will inhabit. Just the way cubes belong to a Picasso painting and horses to a Hussain.

Much like an artist who starts out with a blank canvas and slowly fills in a painting, we start with raw material and transform it, inch by inch, layer by layer, into visual, livable furniture.

When our designers create furniture, they visualise the space the furniture would look best in. The ornate hardwood table for the formal dining room. The minimal, pristine white sofa for the large living room overlooking the garden. The overstuffed recliner for the cozy study.

In other words, Nivasa furniture comes with an attitude and a personality.
A signature of its own.