Festive musings

It is the season of festivals, and naturally, there is a spirit of festivity in the air. It is the time to shop and refurbish your wardrobe and homes are certainly not far behind, writes Bindu Gopal Rao.


Dress your home with ornate accessories. Use flower and ethnic motifs this season.
Interior designer Rohit Kapoor says, “A simple way to spruce up a room is to buy some clay pots and have perennial plants suited for the interiors. It’s sure shot way to add a touch of freshness to home festivities. Likewise, you can choose to use hanging candles or a cluster of tall candles together for a nice effect. You can also add sheers to curtains as an inexpensive way to add that zing to window.”

Another way is to use a feature wall which is a portion where the rest of your walls are plain, but you have one patterned or brighter section. “It can be done in bold colours and patterns, and does not make the room seem too over-powering. Your can decorate a feature wall in same colours as the accessories used in the room. Mosaico is an art of creating designs with small pieces of various materials like ceramic and vitrified tiles, stones, marble or any other material. These tiles are available in a wide range of colours, materials and finishes. It helps to personalise your room, wall or corner,” opines Ashok K Goyal, a flooring expert.

Source: HOMES & INTERIORS August 16, 2013