NIVASA, a design company and a brand in design space for the last 20 years, offers a luxurious range of interior and home décor products.

Soon to launch its first flagship store in Meherchand Market, Nivasa will surely make a mark in the field of furniture.

The brand offers products that are demanded by the most discerning consumer. NIVASA offers a selection of beautiful products that are the perfect addition to your home. All the furniture pieces are designed by an in – house team of designers. The collection that has specifically been designed this month is described below:

  • Soul Blue Console- Like the name suggests, NIVASA have played with different hues of blue to make it vibrant yet simple.
  • Classic Contemporary Console- The design element here is kept simple with clean lines. Just to add a twist to it, the top has a unique stone with jagged edges.
  • Marrakesh Bar- An eclectic design created by NIVASA for a bar with Mediterranean polish and home inspired gold motifs to embellish the façade .
  • French Vivid Dining Set- A unique design developed by NIVASA. The table is couple of inches lower than usual dining table height. This design combines a chic look and comfort.
  • Bar Side Lounge- Lounger with clean lines , flexibility to squeeze in up to 4 people.

The store has an artists’ corner which showcases works of selected artists, painters, potters and sculptors. The company is founded by Rohit Kapoor, Principal Designer of the brand.

At NIVASA, the customers have an advantage of buying from experienced and talented designers. Every piece is designed to complement the space. Rohit has also designed houses of celebrities including Chitrangdha Singh and Jyoti Randhawa etc.

Available at:,  Contact person: + 91 9650870777

Source: August 13, 2013